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5 Reasons to Consider a Reel Lawn Mower

Back in the old days, a people-powered push reel lawn mower was all anyone had. Gas and electric mowers weren’t an option. But then these modern replacements came along, and soon the push mower became something of an antiquated notion.

Thanks to the environmental movement though there has been a renewed interest in people-powered mowers, and quite a few reel mowers are on the market today, many of great quality that can last with minimal maintenance for years and years. And if you’ve priced gas mowers lately, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at how affordable these guys are (the top of the line models rarely go above $200, and you can buy new ones for less than $100).

I’m a reel mower owner myself, so I can speak from experience as I give you a few reasons to consider a reel mower:

5 Reasons You Might Want to Get a Reel Lawn Mower

1. Reel mowers are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Perhaps one of the main reasons people go for reel mowers is they’ve read about how horrible for the environment a gas-powered mower is. Giving off far more carbon emissions than a car (unlike with a car, you don’t have to take your lawn mower in for an annual inspection), gas mowers are environmental pollutants to the extreme.

2. Reel mowers are quiet.

In addition to being un-eco-friendly, gas mowers are also noisy and annoying to your neighbors. You’ve doubtlessly had the experience yourself: you’re outside enjoying a sunny day, maybe puttering in the garden or reading a book, and the next door neighbor fires up the lawn mower for an hour of noise making. It’s hard to relax with that going on!

A push mower doesn’t make any noise.

3. Maintenance is a snap.

Even if you’re not a green freak, you’ll appreciate how simple a reel mower is and how easy it is to maintain. There’s no fuel to be purchased, no oil to be changed, no spark plugs, air filters, fuel filters, etc. etc. etc. Every couple of years, you might need to sharpen the blades, but that’s about it!

4. Pushing a reel mower is good for you and your lawn.

Modern reel mowers are actually pretty easy to use, and I’m not sure pushing mine is much (if any) harder than pushing a heavier gas-powered mower, but knowing you’re cutting the grass by your own efforts, makes you feel pretty good.

Also, studies show that a reel mower is better for your lawn too. The blades work differently than with a gas mower (snipping, such as with scissors, instead of tearing) and are better for your grass. On golf courses, they actually use reel mowers (albeit pulled by tractors) to cut their large lawns, because they’ve found them to keep the grass healthier and better looking!

5. Reel mowers don’t get more expensive to use down the line.

When gas was up to $5 a gallon, you probably started to think twice about purchasing some just to pour into mowing your lawn. What does a lawn do, after all, except look good? As I write this gas prices are lower, but there’s no telling what the future will bring. The folks who study peak oil are pretty convinced that we’re close to an era where demand will outstrip supply. Why have all these tools in your garage that require gas to use when you can choose an eco-friendly, non-noise-polluting, human-powered alternative that will never get more expensive to use?

The author has written more about her reel mower experiences at her sustainable living blog, “Off the Urban Grid.”

Inlays and Medallions Give Wood Flooring a Unique Look

Hardwood Floor Sales & Installation in Silver Spring, MD

A hardwood floor is an unmistakable flooring choice that gives rooms a warmth and beauty unmatched by other materials. Hardwood floors are still in high demand today, as it is not surprising that they have stood the test. Many hardwood floors have been covered in carpet over the years. They were then uncovered and refinished to their original glory a few years later. My Affordable Floors is the best place to go if you are looking for hardwood floor refinishing experts in the Milwaukee, Racine and Chicago areas.

While finished hardwood flooring is beautiful, homeowners often want a distinctive look to their home in order to reflect their individual style. Hardwood flooring is usually made from maple or oak, which are both beautiful but very common. Some woods are not as unique as others, but they can still be used for those who want something different. My Affordable Floors offers its installation service for medallions and inlays to their customers.

To see more of our amazing work, visit our online gallery. These pieces of art require skill and years of experience in hardwood flooring. In-lays and medallions are often made of icons or geometric shapes that have special meaning to the customer floor services. Our artists will work closely with you to create a look that reflects your personal taste and deliver amazing results. Although My Affordable Floors is proud of the work they do in flooring, these challenges give us the opportunity to create beautiful works of art within a hardwood floor.

Wood floor medallions or in-lays are a great way to add style and character to your floors. Wood medallions are available for installation in new construction and in existing floors during the repair or refinishing process. My Affordable Floors offers the best quality, selection, and design with unmatched service. Your floor medallion or in-lay can be customized to meet your requirements. This will add an extra special touch to your home and office.

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